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The Invisible War

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For those in the Occupy movement or any activist who is trying to make change within the existing “system” about anything, they can no longer ignore what is happening to global civilization and the planet as a whole—financially, socially, politically, environmentally, spiritually, etc. They cannot ignore any longer the spiritual aspect or the Spiritualution movement that is taking place all over the earth, even if millions of people who are crying out for change are unaware that they are part of this movement.

They can no longer ignore the prophecies of the Old Testament and Book of Revelation in the Bible, nor the predictions of Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Mayans, and other indigenous cultures where their holy men have prophesized about these times, which the Occupy movement all over the world is fulfilling on the level of helping to change people’s consciousness.

In his book The Crisis Of Civilization And How To Save It, the author Nofeez Mosaddeq Ahmed lists these seven points of what is happening to the earth.

  1. climate change
  2. peak oil
  3. food shortage
  4. economic crisis
  5. the threat of international terrorism
  6. militarization
  7. the post-peak-oil world

I would like to elaborate on these seven points from a spiritual perspective, bringing about a Spiritualution consciousness, rather than from just the physical perspective of the author in his book (although he is very in touch with what will happen if these issues are not addressed by the majority of people on this planet very quickly).

1. Climate Change

As written in my books, The Cosmic Family volumes, negative thoughts affect the particles in the atmosphere, the clouds, the air we breathe, the water, the soil—everything. It is not just cleaning up the environment that Ahmed points out we need to do; it is cleaning up our minds that we mostly need to do, because even if we could clean up all of the pollution, toxic waste, and all of the other physical problems in the environment that we humans have caused by our greed, the world would still self-destruct because of the negative mindset we have toward each other, for one reason or another—be it religion, politics, or just plain jealousies.

In previous articles, I have mentioned the alignment of six other inhabited planets that are closest to earth that have settled in light and life and are now aligning with the earth, which is expanded upon in The Cosmic Family volumes. As I pointed out in Part 1 of this series of articles, these energies are powerful and are just beginning to be discovered by scientists in outer space, though they do not know exactly what these space energies and activities are. But no device on Earth can measure the kinds of changes that will happen as these six other planets come more into alignment with the earth.

Global warming will accelerate, and the meltdown of glaciers will happen at an alarming and destructive rate to a “suddenly” point when all ice will melt everywhere simultaneously. This will of course lead to mass flooding of our coastlines, up to hundreds of miles inland. Other drastic earth changes will happen, which I will elaborate on in future articles. But the main thing is that due to these catastrophic events, human beings will respond by becoming more good or more evil, and this will be increasingly noticeable by anyone with any kind of discernment.

2. Peak Oil

There is plenty of oil under the earth, but the problem is the use of it, as it is not the kind of energy that humankind really should be using any longer. Actually if the Lucifer Rebellion had not occurred (200,000 years ago), higher forms of energy would have been discovered on this planet. But greed and hunger for power have dominated the 1% who have ruled economics, politics, and governments throughout all of the ages, and this has prevented humankind’s spiritual and consciousness growth in technical advancements, because all three—spirituality, economics, and politics—relate to each other (although some would argue with this point).

The 1% worldwide would be willing to keep oil as the main source of energy and keep control of the oil and rake in the profits forever, regardless of the destructive impact on the earth and its peoples. And they do this by keeping education in the hands of their own families and keeping the poor from being educated in higher schools of learning and thought. At least the 1% think they do, but the truth is they cannot keep spiritual truth away from the seeker of “The Way.” Poor people may not be able to attend Harvard, but that is OK, because in this present world Harvard teaches how to establish more oil fields and the business of marketing oil and all of its products. From lipstick to deodorants to plastic, just about everything has petroleum by-products in it. Harvard and other universities may have schools of theology, but wisdom comes only from God; you cannot pay any price to buy it.

You would be surprised what the true seeker of “The Way” will be given by the Creator, both physically and mentally, to accomplish great things for humanity and even become financially prosperous, as long as that seeker is trying to serve humankind and not himself or herself.

The seekers will bring about new inventions, but the entitlement to making those inventions available to the world and profiting financially from them usually belongs to the 1%. People serving themselves will learn how to keep the 1% rich, and very few of those in the 99% who do get degrees today can even pay off their loans, let alone become part of the 1% (like they are promised).

3. Food Shortage

Before humankind divided the earth by surveys, fences, and borders, there was plenty of food grown all over the earth, and much of it without even farming it. It just happened naturally—fruit trees and vegetables of all kinds (some of which have gone extinct, and the seeds have been long lost). There is enough good agricultural land on this planet to feed many more people. The problem is not really overpopulation (though that will soon be the case); the problem is greed and control by the 1%, which uses agricultural practices that deplete the nutritional value of the soil and of the food being grown. Now it is speculated that even chemtrails are dropped over us to destroy all natural food crops and seeds, because those in control of food production want us to become dependent and slaves to genetically-engineered vegetables, fruits, and grains.

I do not want to elaborate on what you can read about from other sources concerning the destruction of food and lack of sustainability and ecosystems and the need for permaculture. Although we at Avalon Gardens & EcoVillage practice principles of sustainable living and farming, very few people practice “spiritual organics” and another term that I came up with several years ago, “soulistic healing.”

Plenty of people who eat organically become vegans and raw foodists and still discover that they too become sick and diseased with something. So what is the cause of their “dis-eases”? Could it be that their dis-eases are a result of wrong thinking, of evil in their minds? As much as the 1% try everything they can do to live longer lives, they will find out that they will die just like everybody else, and many of them a lot faster than the poorest person in the ghetto or the indigenous people in the mountains.

The body indeed is a temple of the Creator, and The URANTIA Book teaches that a Thought Adjuster (of the Universal Father) works with the mind, as does the Spirit of Truth (from the Eternal Son), and the Holy Spirit (of the Universe Mother Spirit). All three can be activated by one’s freewill choice to become a seeker of “The Way.”

Peter the Apostle was put in prison in Rome, tied to a post, and kept there for nine months in a dark, dingy, smelly, disgusting environment and given only a little water and scraps to eat, but he survived, because during his imprisonment he led hundreds of other followers of “The Way” to a higher faith in the Universal Father to be able to face the lions in the arena. I guarantee you that none of the 1% who control the manmade systems of this world could survive those Roman prisons and those same circumstances for too long.

The point that I am trying to make is that although people die of starvation on this planet, they ascend automatically to a much better world. And those who are guilty of keeping them in poverty are actually dying to eternity with every thought of greed that comes into their mind.

The First Garden in Dalamatia (the headquarters of the Planetary Prince, which some in the New Age call Atlantis) with Van and Amadon (see The URANTIA Book) was meant to eventually feed the whole world, as was the second Garden of Eden, with Adam and Eve, meant to do the same. There will come a Third Garden of Eden that will fulfill the purpose of feeding the world, and many of the 99% who wish to be part of this great humanitarian endeavor will be part of a council called The Council of Food and Material Welfare.

4. Economic Crisis

Since money, and not barter or trade, has been the means of obtaining what you need for survival (besides farming, hunting, and gathering), the wants of humankind—not the needs—have been the desire of the hearts of greed. Wall Street in some manner has always been with us. It is that wall between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, the educated and the uneducated. Nothing really has changed, just new players in the control of a few over the majority.

Capitalism, as we know and experience it in materialistic America, will eventually come to an end, and there is a spiritual reason behind this too. If the principles of the Creator are not being upheld—for instance, being your brother’s and sister’s keeper, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you—the laws of cause and effect put in place by the Creator will bring an end to the consciousness of greed and selfishness.

It is inevitable that a Divine New Order has to take place over the old order of all the money in the hands of a few, basically 1% of the world. A new system of sharing natural resources, created resources, and talents will be the modus operandi of that Divine New Order.

5. International Terrorism

In actuality, the 1% promote fear in the populace worldwide so that you would look to their military and police state as your protectors against the “terrorists.” Most of these so-called terrorists are actually freedom fighters against the oppression of the 1% (not that there aren’t actually terrorists on all sides who are not honorable soldiers protecting the innocent, but madmen who murder indiscriminately innocent men, women, and children).

Included as the real terrorists are the 1% whose mercenaries fly over the indigenous in their helicopters and machine gun down innocent civilians to take their resources—be it oil, trees, minerals, whatever. They bomb innocent men, women, and children, even using the term “collateral damage” to obtain their lands. The term “terrorism” is used by the imperialists to control all of us.

The 1% takes away the freedoms of Americans by passing laws to protect us supposedly from the terrorists and keep us in fear of a made-up enemy that the 1% has created by their propaganda and imperialistic tactics. These laws have names like The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.

In the United Kingdom, in 2004, the Civil Contingencies Act was passed that can arrest any citizen for just about anything. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said when a government starts telling you they want to protect you more, be careful, they are about to take your freedoms away. Calling an unknown enemy “terrorists” keeps the 1%’s war going in the minds and hearts of the fearful Americans and Europeans. (I am not denying that there are acts of terrorism—killing of the innocent—going on in many countries, and terrorism is certainly a reality, but you must be careful to not be unrealistically fearful of terrorism happening to you and thus controlled by the fear tactics of the 1%.)

6. Militarization

Jesus said that one day the meek will inherit the earth. But for now for the last 200,000 years since the Lucifer Rebellion and the fall of Caligastia (the fallen Planetary Prince of Earth who accepted the lies and tenets of Lucifer, the fallen System Sovereign), men on Earth have had to have a club to protect themselves or their families from others who wanted what they had. And those with the biggest clubs were the ones who took what they wanted.

Weaponry has advanced, and those with the most powerful weapons and means to employ them rule the world. The 1% in civilization, beginning with the Caesars of Rome and Emperors like them, B.C. and A.D., controlled the world of their time. When greed and selfishness rule, “might is right.” But it is written in scriptures, “Not by power nor by might but by the Spirit, sayeth the Lord.”

The military supposedly keeps the peace, but the truth is, it often just creates more wars. The countries with the biggest nuclear stockpiles do not want the other countries to get them, under the guise that “these other countries are dangerous.” The truth is that any country with a nuclear weapon is dangerous because the Creator never intended that weapons be the means to bring peace to society.

God does not want humans to choose to follow His truths, principles, laws, statutes, and even commandments due to fear of Him. He wants human beings to follow His laws and principles based on divine love because it is the right thing to do and because it is the choice of love that serves others rather than serving one’s self. The lesson to choose to put another before one’s self finally has to be learned, once and for all, for all humanity. And when this lesson is finally learned by every soul, then true peace will come to the earth and the lion will lie with the lamb.

7. The Post-Peak-Oil World

Only through a worldwide Spiritualution movement will the world survive without complete and total deterioration and destruction of the earth. The world systems that are based on selfishness and greed are failing. Only by being your brother’s and sister’s keeper (as is spoken about in the very first book of the Old Testament, Genesis) will the world be able to survive without the Promised One returning and setting up an immediate planetary Divine Administration.

There has to be a redefinition of civilization and what true civilization really is. Civility does not equal spirituality. Evil men can appear to be civil. It all looks good on the outside, but behind closed doors another evil reality is perpetrated by the civil hypocrites. People must unselfishly meet other people’s needs, and by doing that their own needs will be met.

The concept of family has to become prominent again in the hearts of all peoples everywhere, a concept that includes eldership and respect for that eldership’s authority—the grandfathers, the grandmothers. We must understand soul age and the reality of cosmic parents and cosmic grandfathers and grandmothers. Chronological age is not always pertinent to identify an elder. This is why The Cosmic Family volumes are so important and vital in understanding the future administration of planetary government.

Community has to take the place of individual materialism. A true communal lifestyle has to become the norm, and the 1% cannot own or control the land, because all people everywhere have to have access to land to grow their own crops and have natural resources. Free education and healthcare have to be available to every man, woman, and child all over this earth.

Only in this manner will new and innovative inventions be thought of and built by minds previously held in the bondage of poverty and slavery and serfdom. Celebrity status has to completely be a thing of the past. People must see each other as special—not just the people in movies and television—and that people do not have to be on television or the movies to be considered special or talented, and that the greatest and some of the most valuable people will not be the movie stars or rock stars but teachers and true healers, who can use natural substances from the earth rather than synthetic drugs. True spiritual men and women who teach spiritual principles to promote healthy minds, souls, and bodies need to be held in high esteem rather than actors, comedians, talk-show hosts, sports heroes, and so on.

A continuing redefinition of the significance of people’s various roles in society must now be in the forefront of the majority of people’s minds in the civilized world, or the 1% will continue to promote the idea of being rich and wealthy as the role models, even though they themselves will not let many into their elitist families. Their propaganda is just that. It is meant to make people want what they cannot really have, so that they can keep on trying to get, rather than give—just the opposite of what Jesus taught. To be great in the kingdom of God, He said to give it all away and follow “The Way.” He said to be great in the kingdom of God is to be a servant to all.

Look around you. The cost of living, including gasoline and food, is now almost unaffordable for the 99%. Now is the time to start applying these principles that I have mentioned, for when the dio (evil) acceleration of the quantum leap occurs, in all its ugly and horrible destruction of the breaking down of all physical systems of the earth, it will happen very suddenly, when actually it has been going on a downward spiral for decades now. It is too late for the quantum leap of light to happen, and according to the Hopi elders and scientific data, the ecological and manmade (social and economic) systems are quickly deteriorating.

This “suddenly” will be so completely devastating and will happen so quickly that humankind will not know what hit it. Now is the time for all people worldwide to unite, for all people to begin to occupy their own minds and hearts with the Spiritualution principles that I have outlined in this article, while there is still time to lessen the pain and suffering of billions. Let us hope that the times of the purification of the Hopi can be shortened by the further changing of consciousness within a worldwide Spiritualution movement and that the slogan “Spiritualution℠—Justice To the People” (gesture: fist to heart, fist to sky) be the international greeting of the 99%.

Author Bio

Van of Urantia

Van of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Van of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van of Urantia has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.