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The Quantum World and the Physics of Healing

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NOTE: Terms in bold are from the books The Divine New Order and the Dawn of the First Stage of Light and Lifeand The Cosmic Family, Volume 1 by Van of Urantia and Teachings on Healing From a Spiritual Perspective by Van of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase.

Those of us who study the fact that human beings have various bodies all functioning with the physical body should know that any one of those bodies may need healing before the physical body can be healed. Often, band-aids are put on the disease where deep soul surgery or emotional surgery needs attention. The physical body or cellular body has to deal with impure air, impure water, impure food, and bacteria and viruses. All that breaks down the immune system. But very few individuals realize that many diseases of the body are actually caused by impure thinking, in both emotional (etheric) and astral (soul) bodies. A series of negative thought patterns is called dio thade thought. This dio thade thought can disrupt any of the body's systems over a period of time and cause any number of diseases.

One thing that distinguishes human beings from animals is that we have more complex emotions. These emotions, when handled properly and in balance, can bring forth beautiful music and art and wonderful novels. But when emotions are imbalanced, they can disrupt relationships and cause actual physical pain to the cellular body. Many people fail in all endeavors of life because they have not learned to control their emotions. In the quantum world there are particles that need to flow in proper orbits with the neural transmitters in the synapses of the brain; hence emotional outbreaks, depression, and anxiety all disrupt that quantum flow. Grief of any kind can also disrupt that flow.

Most people today work in non-sacred environments where stress causes the breakdown of the quantum flow. Americans work in a hurry, eat in a hurry, and, strangely enough, even relax in a hurry! America's workplaces are not really work-conducive for the quantum flow of higher thought, where deadlines are necessary, inappropriate meetings are conducted, and even meeting rooms—with lack of proper air flow and appropriate colors—all can cause emotional trauma. The environment, therefore, should be likened to a sacred temple. Human beings are all connected in a synergistic quantum way, particle-wise, by the transference of particles to each other. So in realizing this fact, it should be more important to be mindful of the company you keep and not be in close proximity to negative individuals. A daily cleansing of dio particles could easily be done by coming to the Creator and bringing healing light energy through your body starting from the head and out the feet.

A new modality of healing called tron therapy is a much more extensive quantum healing process that eliminates obstructive dio particles from the astral body. The astral body is the collective bodies of all the lives that a soul has lived. It may contain hundreds—even thousands—of years of negative dio thade thought patterns. Therefore, tron therapy cannot even be applied to a patient unless morontia counseling is part of the treatment. Basically, the patient—with whatever disease—needs to be willing to change those negative thought patterns. Until he or she is willing to really deal with the root causes of the disease, only band-aids can be put on the real problems. Whatever the physical body has manifested in outward wounds in the cellular, the problem in most situations has started in the quantum world of the astral body.

The quantum world cannot be touched by human hands; it can hardly be seen through a microscope. Therefore, only a healing practitioner who is intuitive and sensitive to the condition of the soul can really help a client. Once morontia counseling is received and complied with by the patient, various forms of other holistic practices can be added to expedite the healing of the other bodies. The overall goal would be to align all bodies with the causal body . The casual body is the higher blueprint given at the beginning of a soul's birth into its first mother. On a fallen world, such as this one, the casual body should act as a guide, a higher chart, a diagram for intuitive counselors and medical doctors because the present emotional, astral, and physical bodies are far from the original design of the Creator.

Some individuals believe that they can tap into the Akashic Records and obtain this design but, in this wrong thinking, fallen beings will give false information. The causal blueprint can only be obtained through a right relationship with the Creator. Therefore, God's will becomes important in any quantum healing, and the practitioner chosen must have a relationship with the Creator that is evident.

Without the equation of the understanding of a soul being in the higher will of God, quantum healing cannot begin because it begins first in the astral and etheric bodies, which are both fused with the ascending soul. No physical healing modality—such as acupuncture, raw food, Reiki, or any outward healing practice—will have any lasting effect until the soul is dealt with first at a quantum level and the soul lives in the quantum reality.

There is a saying that "it takes a whole village to raise a child," and this is true. It is also true that often it takes a whole team to totally heal a soul and a soul's body. This is because we are living in a world that is not conducive to holistic health. Ninety-nine percent of humanity never finds their right destinies that the Creator has originally designed for them. Most of humanity, particularly in Third World countries, is concerned only with mere survival. In more affluent societies of Western civilization, many souls are led astray from those destinies by greed and selfishness. Greed and selfishness disrupt quantum flow of Deo particles and therefore Deo thade thought cannot occur. Higher thought is not self-serving; it is other-oriented. It is compassionate and altruistic. It seeks the good of others, not just in one's own nuclear family but the planetary family and, as the consciousness expands, the cosmic family .

The most common disease on our planet today is the disease of non-actualization. The soul who is unfulfilled is a soul whose body systems, at the quantum level, begin to malfunction. Diabetes is just one of these diseases of non-actualization. Native Americans who were once hunters and gatherers suffer from diabetes because of the modern-day lifestyle that they have to live, and they accentuate this disease by alcoholism to drown their sorrows. Many other Americans also turn to alcohol and drugs to numb their senses because they have given up on their own dreams and visions. It is written, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Each person who refuses to be "thy brother's keeper" and who makes wrong decisions pertaining to the will of the Creator in service of others not only harms himself but causes the unfulfillment and non-actualization of perhaps thousands of others, as we are all interrelated in each other's destinies. The Lakota term for this human interrelatedness is "mitakuye oyasin."

You've heard the concept "he or she has a good heart." What this means is that a person is a giving person, a generous person, and a person you can confide and trust in. The heart chakra (the heart circuit) controls the functions of all the other chakras, which also operate the various glands of the body at the quantum level. The quantum energy that moves all particles from subatomic to molecular to cellular is love.

(First printed in Innerchange Magazine, June/July 2006)

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Van of Urantia

Van of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Van of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van of Urantia has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.