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To Achieve Cultural And Religious Unity In A One-World Government Outside Of The Control Of The 1%, A Global Spiritualution Is The Only Answer Image

To Achieve Cultural And Religious Unity In A One-World Government Outside Of The Control Of The 1%, A Global Spiritualution Is The Only Answer

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I personally believe that there should be no borders anywhere on the earth and that we are all planetary citizens, in actuality one planetary family. I coined the phrase in the 1990s: “One God, One Planetary Family.” The power elite or the 1% would want a different kind of one world government for their own greedy and power-hungry reasons, so that negative movement is already happening within the echelons of the rich and powerful controllers.

However, there is another movement going on that is the movement of the people, the 99% of the world, who are crying out for true freedom and true justice for the people. That is what a Spiritualution is: worldwide justice for the people, a spiritual awakening, the understanding that we are all children under the same Creator and that we need to get away from the “isms” that divide us within those religious dogmas and fundamentalism. The Urantia Book emphasizes that the highest ideal is “unity without uniformity”.

Norms are needed within a culture in order to have some commonality and unity among the people. When people do not have those norms, anomie takes place, and people feel uprooted and scattered. To use a simple example, some people in some countries wave goodbye by the hand going up and down away from the face, while in other countries by the hand going backwards towards the face. Both gestures mean the same thing: goodbye, but if that is not known, then misunderstanding and miscommunication can occur.

At the same time, it would be terrible to have sameness in all cultures, a world monoculture. When we allow for differences and understand those differences, other cultures do not seem so strange, and thus more appreciation and cooperation is possible. Throughout history the problem has been that when imperialism (or some other form of “conquering”) takes place, the invading nation tries to force people of other cultures to all think, act, and dress the same way, leaving no room for diversity.

In actuality, only moral codes that determine rightness and wrongness in almost all circumstances should be universal. But even there, they too differ in various cultures. I think humanity can all agree upon a few of them: that we should not murder each other, steal from each other, be jealous of each other’s successes, be resentful, be greedy or selfish, and be unforgiving. But most all other areas are a multitude of different opinions of what moral issues are. So trying to get everybody on the earth to abide by international cultural standardization is not going to be an easy matter. For example, with the recent summer Olympics some countries have no problem with women volleyball players playing in bikinis whereas many Moslem countries think dressing in bikinis is immoral, therefore their women cannot enter the games because they dress more modestly.

These gray areas of morality cannot be legislated, like many religious fundamentalists want to do in almost all countries. Millions of Americans have voted into office individuals that they think are godly, and half of the rest of the country think that they are not godly or moral. Those differences of opinion can be a good thing! But the fact that ungodly, unethical people get into office by democratic vote, that is a bad thing, because if you have the majority of the masses who cannot discern who is the real thing and who are the phonies, chaos will continue.

This is why only through a Spiritualution happening within individual people—when people begin to want to change themselves and become more perfect spiritually—can they discern for themselves those who come in the name of God only and those who truly walk in the will of God. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

In Taoism, the understanding that good and evil exist together and that good can contain some evil and evil contain some good may be true. But until human beings learn to tip the scale of their own lives into the plus/good area, they will be worthless as servants of humanity and so-called “Ministers of State,” because they will make more mistakes out of their own greed and quest for dio (evil) power than for altruistic and humanitarian reasons.

In Buddhism there is a word, engi, which conveys the understanding that everything is related. The Sioux nation has the phrase mitakuye oyasin that means the same thing, “all my relations”. The depth of this concept of interrelatedness is immense in its implications, but basically it indicates that we are all responsible for what we do as well as what we fail to do.

Some quantum physicists even think that objects have an energy that spreads not only across continents but across planets and universes. Therefore, negative thoughts have their negative effects. In The Cosmic Family, Volume 1, these negative energies are called distortion and delusion energies that cause dysfunctional thinking within people, which is part of the reason why people today are mass-killing other people.

When enough people within any one location are thinking below the standard norm for human decency, these negative energies act as a kind of negative force field that spins mentally unstable and emotionally imbalanced people to commit acts of violence against themselves or others. It is mostly men who commit these violent acts, due to various factors.

One of the factors is that men have an innate instinct of desiring a mate and children that they will be responsible for. In most cultures today that means success in manifesting an income to provide support and protection for the family. With the added pressures in modern society of the need for additional prestige and an image of success, many young men do go crazy who think they cannot meet the criteria of what their society is asking of them. Therefore, in this sense, an international norm of cultural understanding has to be accepted in relationship to what true success is, which does not place so much emphasis on making more money than necessary in providing a sustainable living for a family. There also should be an international standard of pay in all fields that allows for the family to exist if only the male is working.

There is innate in all human beings the desire for recognition of one’s talents, abilities, and accomplishments, no matter what they may be. Some people can be happy on a job doing manual labor, while others would need to use their minds more. So in keeping in line with the Hindi word sukha, there needs to be an international understanding of “sukha” in employment, because workers need to feel pleasurable, joyful, agreeable, easy, comfortable, happy, prosperous, and relaxed, as opposed to duhkuh, which is mental discomfort, suffering or pain caused by unhappiness on the job.

In Hinduism the word Kshatriya constitutes the military and ruling elite of the Vedic-Hindu social system, the 1% of their culture. But Jesus said that “the meek [humble] will inherit the earth,” which is quite a contrast to the attitude that “might is right.” Humanity has to begin to recognize its true spiritual elders or else the majority will continue to be controlled by and (in some manner) slaves of the 1%. There needs to be a Spiritualution of thinking in order to be able to discern what true humility is and is not in a person, especially in political, social, and religious leaders.

Most Americans do not even know they are supposed to look for that value of humility in a leader. They have been taught by the movies of the Hollywood delusion and propaganda that the tough guy or macho man or rich and powerful person is the best equipped to lead. Even thousands of years ago the people of Israel cried out to give them Saul as their leader and king because he was very tall, which indicated to them power, but God chose David to be the future king, who was small in stature but humble in heart and big in faith and vision. David had a true heart and spiritized mind to serve the people.

In Hinduism there are the Brahmins—the class of artists, priests, intellectuals, scientists, and visionaries who are highly esteemed. In other societies, artists, poets, writers, and visionaries are not thought of so highly and often struggle to make a living with their talents. As a matter of fact, when revolutions take place in many countries, often the poets, writers, painters, and even musicians are the first ones to be killed because they have the potential power through their talents to reach the masses.

People begin to fear each other when one side is less godly than the other or the whole country becomes very materialistic or even anti-God. The answer to these kinds of divisions is, again, a Spiritualution, where people evolve out of wrong perceptions of the Creator, which is usually the interpretation of the 1%, who define a god of fear and wrath. In Spiritualution thinking, the revolutionaries of consciousness begin to see many of their own problems and imbalances as a result of the cause and effect of their wrong thinking and their wrong decisions rather than a wrathful God who is ready to squash them in punishment by giving them problems and tragedies. Spiritualution thinking realizes that God does not punish people who do something against someone else’s moral standards, particularly the moral standards and dogma of fundamentalists in any religion.

These consciousness revolutionaries begin to see themselves as planetary citizens, not just belonging to one particular country but the country of the global community of the world. As they begin to walk more and more away from their evolutionary religious viewpoints, their 1% leadership begins to get angry and come against them by making life harder for them, passing new laws that control the people, give less privacy, make it harder for people to communicate with each other, make it harder for people to travel (particularly around the world). Only the rich and sons and daughters of the rich can travel easily internationally. Most human beings never even leave their own local geographic area all their lives. Even a lot of Americans never have been to another state, let alone another country.

Education has always been controlled by the 1%. The 1% needs a lot of servants to run their mansions. Even today the most expensive universities are only attended by the upper middle class and rich, and only token scholarships are given to the poor, so that the universities can say they are nondiscriminatory and their universities are open to everybody.

In Hinduism there is a word for the merchants called Vaishya, which in India, in order to make any kind of decent living, a person has to be at least in this class, which is like a middle class. In Western civilization too, the merchants have had to sell a lot of wares/products to remain in the middle class or even become the upper middle class of their culture. Today the small, independent businessman in retail can hardly exist due to large corporations controlling the market, which leads to the decline of a civilization in all areas, including morally.

If goods are made cheaply and quickly (as is usually the case with large, corporate-owned companies), they are less valuable and can be mass-produced. Of course it does not matter if the merchandise falls apart, because you can always buy another “it,” and so why should the craftsmen spend the time to make anything long-lasting with design and quality if people can buy the duplicate one of less quality for half the price? It is a throw-away world, and craftsmanship, art, and creativity have also been thrown away.

It has been a lot harder for artists to earn a living, particularly musicians, because the corporate-controlled music industry is for most singers and instrumentalists who can sing and play by rote, most sounding the same. Sadly, the young people growing up do not even know what a good instrumentalist or singer should sound like. It is the same thing in painting, and so Andy Warhol could become famous and he paints tomato cans.

Automobiles used to be made of steel and chrome, but are now made with plastic. As a result, more people are killed in car accidents now when cars hit each other because there is no protection for people inside because the plastic bumpers and doors just crumble or cave in. So in this throw-away world, in automobile manufacturing, design and quality have also been thrown away.

Too many people think they have to compromise and work in these factories that create “fast”, cheaply produced products to make a living—be it automobiles, boats, clothes, appliances, and even building materials—because all the companies owned by the 1% mass-produce junk products.

The answer to this madness of mediocrity is the Spiritualution, because part of the Spiritualution message is cooperation with each other to survive sustainably. Today many people are caught in the system of striving for mere materialistic survival, but cooperation has always been and should be for reasons of creativity—to create quality lives and by-products. So reasons you should leave a society that does not work anymore today and join with others is not just for your mere survival, but to be able to use your talents and abilities to create together quality products of lasting usefulness and beauty. Living and working in cooperation with like-minded people not only creates quality things but also quality lives.

In Islam there’s a term called sura, which means “solidarity”. Americans and Europeans need to learn the meaning of solidarity with each other again in so many walks of life, because the 1% does not want solidarity among people; they want division. Actually, the Aquarian Age that we are coming into—with its Aquarian energies and Aquarian concepts—is an age of cooperation with each other. Division began 200,000 years ago when the system sovereign of Satania, Lucifer (a primary Lanonandek Son, according to The URANTIA Book), created division in the minds and hearts of the mortals and celestial beings under his influence.

“Divide and conquer” started in this Rebellion on the earth, and those with greed in their hearts throughout time have used this as their greatest strategy and weapon of control over the masses. Today the power is in the hands of the 1% because of the wealth they control. They have been able to divide and compartmentalize humanity into religions, political systems, racism, nationalism, corporate identity, ethnocentrism, dress codes, educational degrees, and many other ideologies.

Cultural globalization cannot occur until a true Spiritualution takes place, and that, again, is humanity seeing ourselves as one planetary family under one Creator. That is the first step. We have to get away from metacultures, where people are ranked by class, financial status, educational degrees, and careers (such as Hollywood starlet or rock star statuses). Who is more important when you have a major leak in your plumbing and your house is flooding, a doctor or a plumber? Who is more important when your car breaks down, an attorney or a mechanic? Who is smarter, the baker or the stockbroker? Who is more intelligent, the airline pilot or the construction worker?

The idea of IQ tests is a moot point in many situations. When you need someone to help build your house, you do not ask or try to hire an airplane pilot. Particularly in Western civilization we seem to have categorized “smartness” by what a man or women does for a living. We categorize people “successful” by how they make a living and how much money they earn. In Spiritualution thinking, you begin to see people as equals, no matter what they do for a living, therefore breaking down the age-old caste systems in our consciousness and creating a global consciousness of equality. We must remember that Jesus was a carpenter, and this is how He made His living. But He was also a very learned man in many disciplines.

In diachronic thinking, because these caste and class systems have been around for so many hundreds and thousands of years, there is a global, regional, and cultural judgment of each other within those cultures and outside of them, which I will term “frozen devaluation.” In The Cosmic Family volumes it speaks of the future society, for a time, being separated into sectors of consciousness. In a way, even now in parts of the United States and other countries—particularly in Western civilization—there have been (for hundreds of years) the arts area of a city where the “bohemians” hang out in order to communicate artistic, social, and political concepts with each other, in what they felt was a more communicative atmosphere of understanding.

It is not that the scientists—who are more “left-brained”—cannot also be artistic, but the way our education systems are structured, people become specialists in one area and inadequate in many others. I believe that the human brain has the capacity to learn many things, and education should be structured to develop the whole brain, not just 10% of it.

Another tenet in Spiritualution thinking is that a career is something that we may be doing at one particular time in our lives, but it is not who we are, and we may have more than one career as we develop and grow. Many people may be great writers or musicians or architects or whatever but never get an opportunity to do that because they have to earn a living at something else due to life circumstances where they have been placed in a field other than where their real talent lies. That is why so many people are depressed and destroy themselves through alcohol and drugs.

To reiterate, none of these changes can be accomplished through violence. It has to be an inward change of each and every human being towards a consciousness of radical unity in every possible way. Using the Buddhist principle of ahimsa (nonviolence) to change the thinking of the wrong policies of governmental leaders and mass consciousness is the same principle that Jesus taught when he said to turn the other cheek when someone hits you. Force cannot change someone’s mind if that mind is on the side of the police force or if the mind is on the side of anarchists.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. were able to practice nonviolent resistance and change the mass consciousness of a country, but both of these men were also spiritual leaders. Both of these men started a Spiritualution in their own countries. Unfortunately, both of these men were murdered by their own countrymen, because often change for the masses comes very slowly, even though the raison d’être’ that they were actively trying to change was partially accomplished before they died. India did get its independence from Britain, but Gandhi did not want the partition of two countries—the Muslims in Pakistan and the Hindus in India—but a united country for all Indians, regardless of race or religion. Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted equal opportunity for the black race in America, which in reality took another almost 50 years before a black President was elected.

Change happens slowly unless millions of individuals make that inner change of consciousness together. If that would have been the case in both of those movements, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. would not have been assassinated, because the Deo (godly) power of the mass consciousness would have prevented it. If many more people had been aligned in supporting the work of these two men, their positive thoughts and actions would have set up an energy that could have prevented the negative forces behind the evil deeds of murdering these two great leaders.

These are spiritual principles that only a few in the New Age and those in other spiritual walks of life understand. But a quantum leap of consciousness needs to take place on this planet in order to speak to the elements of the earth, so that the worldwide weather patterns can come back to normal, because if they do not, the earth will be destroyed by the negativity of the thoughts of the billions of people on the planet who are now propagandized every day by the 1%’s bombardment of the teachings of greed and moral decay through the mass media they control.

The 1%’s mass media worldwide bombardment has touched every country, including China, Japan, India, African nations, and South American countries. The moral breakdown of these countries has happened at the rate that these countries allow American television, films, and magazines to propagandize their people. Only some of the Moslem countries are standing firmer against the 1%’s influence in advertising to their citizens. However, they have their own 1% who controls their people, often in cahoots with American interests. And they have their own backward fundamentalist dogma that holds people back from attaining better lives.

When The Promised One returns, will He be Christian? Hindu? Buddhist? Of Islam or Judaism? Will He be white? Or black? Or yellow? Or red? Will He be of the upper classes? Of course not! And for those of us who are still stuck in the lower consciousness of our minds, that separate us from each other in human compassion, we will have to go to the spiritual elementary schools of learning how to accept one another as brothers and sisters, equal in the eyes of the Creator.

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Van of Urantia

Van of Urantia is one of the most unique and distinct spiritual leaders and authors of our time. His work provides wisdom, cosmic absolutes, and answers to the questions of the seeking soul.

He is the co-founder of Global Community Communications Alliance, a multifaceted global change nonprofit, comprised of approximately 120 change agents from five continents. Van of Urantia also co-founded The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion.

His lifelong devotion to God and service to humankind has led him through many levels of spiritual growth resulting in his founding innovative and highly successful programs for helping others to ascend spiritually so they can heal and prosper as ascending souls of God.

Van of Urantia has been very active for the last 30 years in trying to get governmental legislation against Internet misrepresentation and degradation of character stopped on the Internet. He appreciates your prayers to help activists all over the world against this kind of character assassination.